UnionPay B2C fastest online in October 25 national pavilion


UnionPay online mall home (Tencent technology plan)


online store Cup Japan Pavilion home (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news September 27th news, following the launch of China Post music network, another national team joined the domestic B2C market. According to Tencent science and technology, China UnionPay recently launched UnionPay online store e-commerce from the perspective of payment.

informed sources revealed to Tencent technology, UnionPay online mall fastest in October this year on the line. At present, China UnionPay online mall has been officially operated by the Japanese pavilion, the future goal is to open 25 national pavilion.

want to build the first international online shopping platform

it is understood that UnionPay online shopping mall is relying on the construction of online payment platform online shopping mall, the goal is to become the first international online shopping platform. UnionPay online store for the parent company Chinese UnionPay holdings, mainly engaged in the Internet and other emerging channels based online payment, enterprise B2B account payment, telephone payment, online bank transfer, bank card online payment and value-added services.

insiders said the cup through the country’s millions of households under the strict review of the quality of the line, the merchant will develop into a B2C business, all goods are concentrated in the UnionPay online mall display for consumers to buy. At the same time, UnionPay merchant network all over the world, overseas business products can be directly displayed in the overseas exhibition hall UnionPay, consumers through the online platform to complete cross-border payment unionpay.

in terms of the merchant, UnionPay online mall can provide marketing, payment, logistics and customer service to support the 4 areas, UnionPay online mall claims is the only POS can do the marketing platform for businesses, the logistics platform of global coverage, which is also the only domestic UnionPay payment gateway can, offline payment, fixed POS line of mobile POS for payment shopping platform.

currently UnionPay online mall is a large-scale investment, are reported to have settled merchants fees including 10000 yuan deposit, 5000 yuan a year the platform service fee, 2% to 5% of the sales commission and 1% of the payment fee, the standard and the current e-commerce platform for domestic mainstream equivalent.

Cup online mall merchandise including brand clothing, jewelry, beauty, fashion, the trend of digital Home Furnishing food baby, outdoor sports categories, positioning is oriented to 400 million UnionPay card holders mainly in the high-end crowd.

recommended from the current home page to see the goods, including the British flag design of a long T-shirt, Tian Tian tea and other commodity prices are more than a hundred dollars, or even thousands of dollars. Currently UnionPay online mall has been officially operating, UnionPay online mall is the goal of opening 25 national pavilion.

industry to see the decline of traditional enterprises to enter the B2C

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