Alibaba released 1688 universal integrity pass

April 6th afternoon, e-commerce platform Alibaba launched today "spring action" to mobilize more than 5 thousand channels of 21 provinces, nearly 100 City, provide professional Alibaba to more than millions of local small businesses and individual network groups free door-to-door service.

at the same time, in order to solve the "Post Crisis Era" credit problem China small business and economic transformation key, truly meet the "millions of small business e-commerce popularization and popularization of good faith" ambition, Alibaba also announced the launch of the construction of enterprise credit and e-commerce portal service tool integrity (Universal Edition).

Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe believes that the move will help promote China’s first small business credit system construction and the popularity of e-commerce among small businesses.

in March 15th this year, according to Alibaba 500 thousand integrity through user real-time transaction records, the establishment of credit system of small enterprises, and spent 1 billion yuan to set up a credit guarantee payment, first compensation trade disputes between enterprises, fraud.

Alibaba vice president Wu Minzhi said that the future will be added for each Alibaba integrity services to small enterprises to establish business credit files, in addition to the landing site can query the Alibaba’s official website, the mobile phone can also query, which is equal to the small enterprises can be their own credit record to carry, at any time to do business.

she also said that in order to promote the commercial credit system of small enterprises in the whole social insurance plan in addition to coverage, Alibaba would protect online trade, if the next line transactions in the Alibaba for the record, we can also enjoy the protection plan of Cheng Trading guarantee.

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, the Alibaba will also recently launched a "cloud": the creation of a long-term interactive platform for sharing the area in the home page, founder of Alibaba, Alibaba Group chairman of the board Ma served as the first mentor, taken together with the majority of small entrepreneurial enterprises and individual business network quiz interactive forms of online sharing.