WAL MART electric betting shop No 1 hit No 1 mall shunt problem

announced in the next 3 years China district will open 100 new stores, WAL-MART China district said yesterday, to shop No. 1, China district headquarters of the electricity supplier and Sam’s Club online shopping "three pronged" pay close attention to the electricity supplier. Among them, the 1 shop will become WAL-MART’s main online sales platform.

but for now, the number 1 shop is facing the spin off of the mall on the issue of diversion of tourists 1. And WAL-MART appears powerless, WAL-MART’s electricity supplier strategy challenges?

electricity supplier diversion problem

"in addition to the store, we see that business is the inevitable trend of the future, so we are holding Shop No. 1, and the establishment of WAL-MART Chinese business headquarters, in Shanghai at the same time, our Sam member shops also have independent online shopping platform." WAL-MART Chinese senior director of corporate affairs Li Ling told the "First Financial Daily", at present, 1 stores and electricity supplier headquarters Chinese ongoing resources integration, the future will become the main WAL-MART Shop No. 1 online sales platform, and Sam’s club stores online shopping by store personnel of independent operation.

in August last year, the Ministry of Commerce approved the WAL-MART holding investment in store 1. Under the agreement, WAL-MART’s stake in store 1 increased from 17.7% to 51.3%, to control.

then, shop No. 1, the electricity supplier website with B2C open service of third party electronic business channels, such as No. 1 mall No. 1 group, famous sale, integration of independent domain name website, and from the parent company platform Niuhai Information Technology Co. Ltd., the new company will be stripped of collective assets into a Shanghai Chuanji Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Shanghai City Administration for Industry and commerce information display, Shanghai Chuanji Agel Ecommerce Ltd incorporated in April 26, 2011, the original legal representative for LIU JUNLING (shop No. 1 co-founder and CEO Liu Junling, the homophone) the legal representative of the company is to pengcheng.

careful consumers will find that in the shop 1, when you buy a lot of goods will be linked to the mall number 1.

"this is a big problem, shop No. 1 and No. 1 mall has its own independent website, and each link, from the current popularity, shop No. 1 is certainly more famous, more so can be estimated from No. 1 to No. 1 store link mall certainly than No. 1 link back to the mall shop No. 1. In other words, the number 1 will be diverted Shop No. 1 source." Informed sources told reporters.

for the above problems, WAL-MART also admitted that only control 1 shop matters, and not around the mall 1.

competition and interest

in addition to the diversion of customer issues, shop No. 1 and No. 1 mall there are still problems of competition.

close to the sources, the number 1 shop is currently the biggest difference between the mall and the number of stores selling their own platform goods, while the latter to create a third party open shopping platform, although the former stronger food +