Australian appears in court over case involving Udaya

An Australian National appeared before the Colombo High Court today over a case involving Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila.Australian Brian Shaddick had accused Gammanpila of committing fraud and depriving him of assets and interest to the tune of about 15 million US Dollars. Gammanpila had allegedly committed the fraud by using a false affidavit. He was arrested in June last year over the case but was released on bail the following month. The fraud had allegedly been committed by Gammanpila as a Director of the Digital Nominees Company which is headed by Shaddick. Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra told reporters outside the court the incident had discouraged Shaddick from investing in Sri Lanka.She said that Shaddick was a huge investor in Sri Lanka but after he was deceived by Gammanpila, he has no plans to invest further in the island. (Colombo Gazette)