Ilie Sánchez: “The break in the MLS goes a long way”

first_img“As well as you train separately it is practically impossible not to lose shape. We are in constant contact with the coach and the physical trainer, but it is not the same. You are alone and the intensity is not the same. You don’t demand so much of yourself, “adds Ilie, whom the health crisis interrupted in a great personal and collective moment:” Sportingly, for us it is a huge stick. We had prepared very well during the preseason and we got two victories in the first two days of the MLS“Ilie Sánchez’s routine “is marked by training.” Afterwards, the Catalan midfielder from Sporting KC is dedicated to playing the piano: “As a child I taught for four years and I thought I would not remember anything, but I remember how to read the score and put my fingers. I signed up for private classes just before they declared a state of emergency. Now I give them online, but I do not like it that much”. Ilie also does not spare a day without talking to her family in Barcelona: “Having them away is something that I carry now as badly as ever. I miss them so much and I need to know that they are fine. “You can’t go to the supermarket. Among other things because “it is always empty”: “People are always at the top, but there are not many options to choose from.” Luckily “the club is concerned that we have all our needs covered and in that sense we are not suffering as much from the crisis.” Yes, he longs for his soccer routine. “Go to the sports city, have breakfast there, see the teammates, the club people … I miss spending the whole morning together, but especially going out to the field and touching the ball“An Ilie discovers that she cannot help worrying about the situation in Spain:” We have to take it very seriously because it is we, the citizens, who are going to end this. Stay at home”. The coronavirus also attacks the United States. With almost 40,000 cases, the North American giant is already the third country in the world with the most infected people, second only to China and Italy. He lives it up close Ilie Sánchez, one of the eight Spanish soccer players competing in Major League Soccer (MLS). In his state, Kansas, the number is still low, “but there are very few tests and it is likely that many more people have been infected.” The Catalan midfielder from Sporting Kansas City takes extreme precautions: “When the league started they told us to take care of hygiene. We had been watching that aspect for a while, but that has not stopped them from suspending the competition and training.”MLS is now experiencing a period of uncertainty: “They said we would stop for 30 days, but they have already extended it to the next two months. I think it will go a long way because, of course, sports events and activities that involve the congregation of many people will be the last thing that he recovers. “Ilie will know next Friday if Kansas City returns to training. Meanwhile, she exercises alone at home, something that is “very bad”. “I honestly don’t get along well, but it seems ridiculous to complain right now because that’s all there is to it. There is no other. You have to be positive and stay active, although being locked up at home for 24 hours is difficult, “confesses the FC Barcelona youth squad.last_img